Stay Tuned Something EPIC Is About To Be Dropped!

Stay Tuned Something  EPIC Is About To Be Dropped!

Hi y'all it's Donna here. I know it's been a while and an update on what's new is long over due. Well that's mostly in part, because we've been working on creating something Brand New and Exciting! For months now, with the help of loved ones (friends & family) we've been working tirelessly on what first started as an idea and now seeing it come to fruition! Currently, we're on the homestretch of ironing out the final details before we make the big announcement. Fingers crossed we're hoping to have everything ready & aiming to reveal the GRAND launch by September, YAY! I must say, the excitement of this new release & not being able to share more details is positively killing me! If you've been following us on Facebook & Instagram though, you might have already caught a sneak peek of what's in the works. But for now, sorry I can't share more details than that. All I can say is stay tune & be on the lookout for HUGE Promotions and GIVEAWAYS! It is going to be Epic! 

Love Y'all and Thanks so much for supporting "Small Business"! 💞💋




  • Can’t wait for your new launch.
    Very excited, always impressed❤️️

    Trudi Sacco
  • Can’t wait!


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