Our Handmade Soaps are made simply with only the finest 100% pure, natural & sustainable ingredients that are carefully & responsibly sourced."> Our Handmade Soaps are made simply with only the finest 100% pure, natural & sustainable ingredients that are carefully & responsibly sourced.">

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All orders are processed within [3-5 business days]

Because all of our Bath products are Handcrafted and painstakingly inspected the love we share in our creations are never rushed. We aim for no longer than a 3 day processing time before shipping but this can vary depending on the size of your order, our workload ahead of you and the current season. Feel free to direct message me however, and I'll be happy to work with you on a better time line if possible.

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Usps Standard

3-5 business days

Based On weight over 2 lbs

Flat Rate less than 2lbs

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3-5 business days

95.00 & over*


Delivery Exception

1. Customs delays

International shipping does not come without its challenges. Packages often get held up at customs longer than expected, which can result in missed delivery dates.

2. Federal holidays

Packages may be delivered late if a national holiday occurs — either in the country of origin or the destination country — while a package is in transit. If it is a federal holiday, shipping carriers will not be operating. Because of the day off, it is not uncommon for carriers to be further delayed from needing to play catch up due to a backlog of shipments.

3. Weather conditions

If there is a weather issue or natural disaster (e.g, hurricane, tornado, wildfire, or flood) that renders a delivery route unpassable, the package will likely be delayed. These type of unpredictable delays beyond anyone’s control, known as “acts of God,” are usually regional.

Safety is a top priority but so is customer service. Many carriers will have contingency plans in place and the shipment will arrive as soon as it can be resumed in the affected area.

4. Damaged or missing labels

If the shipping label on a package is damaged and the carrier cannot read the delivery address or scan the shipping barcode, the package may be delayed. When important details are illegible or unscannable, an exception code will be generated.

Similarly, if the label contains an incorrect address (undeliverable, unrecognized to carriers, incomplete, etc.), then it can get stuck in a delivery exception.

5. No one was home to receive the package

Packages may be delayed if they require a signature upon reception and no one was home to accept the package. When a recipient was unavailable, delivery is re-attempted the next day in most cases.

Customers can use free delivery management tools (provided by some carriers) that let the recipient decide how, where, and when home deliveries occur to fit their schedule, such as UPS My Choice®.

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