RCDCessentials' Bath & Body Collection Is now Live!

RCDCessentials' New Product Launch is Now LIVE!

Hi everyone, it's Donna here and yes you guessed it! The big reveal day is finally here! From humble small town beginnings, working tirelessly and diligently on what first started as an inspiration, to an idea of, maybe this can be done?! Then to, this is really happening and it's too late to turn back now! Today, I finally get to announce the launch of my new products to you!

But before I dive right into talking all about the products though, allow me to first share a little about how this journey began. As simple as this might sound, It is truly how my decision to follow through with a dream of creating my own line of Handcrafted Bath & Body products was inspired! It happened one unsuspecting day, as if I was struck by a lightning bolt, after watching a simple video created by someone I knew, in which she not only put herself and her talent on full display but also displaying such tremendous courage! As anyone who is slightly creative in any way would understand, putting  yourself and something you are deeply passionate about out into the world, and hoping everyone gets it the way you do is very difficult. Not only does it open you up to facing criticism, it takes a certain amount of bravery to do so. Something I still struggle with, by the way...

In that moment being so awestruck by what courage it must have taken for her to do that, it was the jolt I needed to propel me on this journey! And suddenly, just like they say, the light bulb was switched on in my head! "I KNEW EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDEDTO BE DOING"!!!

And so it began! After realizing this new found inspiration, this journey almost took on a life of it's own. For weeks upon weeks my every waking thought was totally consumed by what I needed to do next and having ideas pop into my head so rapidly I could barely keep up with my own thoughts. So what does one do? I started carrying a notepad with me everywhere to write it all down of course...   bath and body collection sugar scrub dead sea salt scrub whipped body butter lip balm

Then began the endless research, before you know it I was sourcing materials, developing and testing, designing, producing, figuring out packaging, photography, marketing & promoting and finally the IT part it and building a website. But when did I realize this was really happening you might ask?! Probably after all of this was done! By this point it was too late to turn back now. And although this journey wasn't without it's fair share of bumps in the road, many legal red tape and maybe a few tears here and there, which at times made me not want to follow through with this dream, there were always some truly special people who kept me motivated and encouraged...

On behalf of my family & myself, allow me to introduce you to RCDCessentials Bath & Body Collection!

bath and body collection sugar scrub dead sea salt scrub whipped body butter lip balm

Our very own line of Hand Crafted bath & body products. Crafted from only Carefully Sourced, the finest premium all natural, organic ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils & 100% pure fragrance oils. Cutting out the middle man allows us offer our products at a more affordable price range. I am passionately committed to keeping our line simple & healthy, hence only using natural ingredients that are beneficial and skin loving while cutting out the chemicals and harsh preservatives that are not good for you, your loved ones or the environment. This is also why all orders are freshly made upon ordering. Our Bath & Body products are never tested on animals, only our friends and family ;)

Take a look at our blog on fragrances offered, for a complete list and it's description. 
Our product scents are also customizable. Yes you can customize your own scent. If you'd like to try your own unique blend, I'd be most delighted to create that for you. Just simply direct message me with the details of which fragrances from our list you'd like to have mixed and I'll be happy to accommodate your request. Or you can choose from one of our many pre-selected scents/blends.  

Our intention with this new launch is to form a long and trusting relationship with each of our customers. If only we can capture the smile on your face when you unbox your package, this mission would feel accomplished! We invite you to share your experience with us, we'd love to see it!
RCDCessentials stands proudly behind the quality of our hand crafted products. As a Small Family Owned Business, you know a lot of care, love and time goes into creating and packaging each product which is trusted for use and enjoyment of our own friends & family. With that said, every customer's satisfaction is extremely important to us, which is why your feedback matters. We invite you to leave us an honest review of your order on our Facebook page, also follow us on Pinterest, Instagram & Twitter to stay updated on frequent GIVEAWAYS Promos & be among the first to know when new Scents, new Products & LIMITED EDITIONS are added! Lots more new products in the works, so stay tune!

I sincerely thank you for allowing me to share the love of my craft with you and your family.

bath and body collection sugar scrub dead sea salt scrub whipped body butter lip balm

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