Sea Salt & Orchids ~ Scented Melting Wax Tarts

Sea Salt & Orchids ~ Scented Melting Wax Tarts

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Now your favorite candle scents can be enjoyed throughout your home in a safer way with these  flame free Scented Melting Wax Tarts.

Very calming and ozonic, this Sea Salt & Orchids ~ Scented Melting Wax Tarts is a beautiful blend of floral and salty fragrance.  With notes of jasmine, lily of the valley an tonka bean. The warm, yummy fragrance of Grandma's cobbler, fresh from the oven.

All of our Scented Melting Wax Tarts are made with natural Soy Wax (100% vegetable based - it's made with soybean and botanical oils)  Hand Poured and highly scented with Phthalate Free fragrance to fill your home with scent in minute. They are a great alternative to candles, flame free and easy to use.

Use:  Simply break apart and place 1-2 cubes on a electric wax warmer to melt the cubes and release the fragrance. Each pack contains 6 break apart cubes, packaged in a clamshell packaging...

Net Wt. approx. 3 oz. (85 g)

Disclaimer: Because our Wax Tarts are all hand poured, no two will look alike.

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