What brought us to RCDCessentials...

Hi there and welcome! We are Donna & Robert, fashion, fitness, beauty inside & out and a healthy lifestyle living are just a few of the things we are passionate about. Consequently, from our love these things, RCDCessentials was born!

Robert & I both met right here in central Florida. The stars must have been perfectly aligned at the time because we were both facing particularly unique crossroads in our lives when we met. Robert being a Retired Navy Veteran, single dad and having to come to terms with a son getting ready to graduate high school and joining the Air Force shortly after. Then being faced with having to make decisions about what comes next for him in this new chapter of his life. When low and behold, one random day, he walks into me place of employment and spots me! Of course, after that day, he kept finding any excuse to come back, just to see me (so he claims) until I finally gave him my phone #.

I, on the other hand was also at a crossroad. At age thirty-eight, already being a young widow for some time and now needing to make some life changing decisions and starting over at life once again was truly a daunting time. Needless to say, the circumstances that brought us together were nothing short of a blessing!

We have since been inseparable. We moved out of our respective homes, bought a new house together and have gotten married. Now with our son out and in the Air Force, it just seemed like the right time to pursue a lifelong dream of mine starting my own business. With my working experience in the fashion/retail industry and accounting background for 17+ yrs. combined, together with both our love for fashion & beauty, RCDCessentials and what it represents seems most fitting…

With all of that said, our mission is not only to promote products that makes you feel & look beautiful, but also through our blog updated periodically, to bring you helpful tips & advise we’ve collected, while keeping an eye on the latest fashion, accessories, makeup, hair & skincare trends…


Donna & Robert.

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