The Secret To That Airbrushed Flawless Makeup Look....

The Mystery Behind Flawless Makeup Revealed…

In my relentless efforts to update my makeup routine and change up the contents of my makeup bag all while trying to keep my look fresh and on trend, I think I’ve finally stumbled onto the one makeup tool that has managed to demystify the very result that has eluded me all this time… Quite frankly in my opinion it has revolutionized the way makeup is applied and I say this not as a professional but as an ordinary girl who’s only been wearing makeup practically every day since my early teens… This is my story. If you’re anything like me then you’ve probably done the same thing I’ve done.  As a young girl flipping through magazines pages I would always wonder, how can I achieve the same flawless airbrush look as those models? And of course without giving away my age I should mention, in my defense this was before YouTube and video tutorials or internet for that matter! So it goes without saying I have had my share of flops and misses…

What Is It?

You guessed it! It’s that egg shaped makeup blending sponge, which I’m pretty sure you’ve already seen on the market since Allure Magazine has ranked The Original Beauty Blender® top best six times!

Why Is It So Special?

Now you might be asking, "what’s so special about this makeup sponge, when I can get a value pack of disposable sponges at the drugstore"?  And after all, makeup artists around the world has been using them forever.  Well, here’s my take on that based on my personal experience... In recent years makeup sponges have gotten a major makeover. Other than its obvious change in shape, it is now available in a variety of sizes, colors and textures with increased absorbency and durability. If cared for and cleaned properly they can even last up to months, which make this the ideal makeup bag accessory. And when used correctly, whether it’s used for liquid foundation, concealer, power, cream blush or complexion products etc. it's unique edgeless design ensures easy application with little to no product waste and never streaking. Leaving you with that impeccably flawless, airbrush finish we all desire... I should also mention that using moisturizer & primer before applying makeup also aids in achieving those results, but that's a topic I'll leave for another blog!  

How It’s Used…


The correct way to use your makeup blending sponge is by first wetting it. This was the part that made me go WOW!!!! I was absolutely blown away by the results when I first tried this!  By submerging it in water your sponge almost doubles in size, squeezing out the excess water leaves it just damp enough to help smooth out the application. The incredible absorbency of this sponge also soaks up any excess makeup which prevents you from over applying and allows you to get allover coverage without wasting! As you apply and blend your makeup, the sponge helps to blot and feather away any evidence of you even wearing makeup.  You should never swipe or drag the sponge across your face though, instead use a stippling motion and consistently dab the makeup onto your face for proper coverage. Then going over again, adding a little more foundation, a little at a time while using the same stippling motion and blending in spots you might have missed. This will create that smooth seamless finish.

Finding & Choosing The Right One…

Well, this one’s a no brainer! I’m going to make it so easy for you, just follow the link to RCDCessentials and pick out the one and color that best fits your needs! The size of the sponge you need to pick depends on where you're using it. Mini sponges are better suited for tight corners and under eyes while larger ones works best for larger areas of the face...

I know you are going to love it!


 mini makeup sponge blender Large makeup blender sponge

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  • I really love using beauty blender, can’t do without now.

    Carol Jackson

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